Tesla Powerwall 2 (Solar PV battery storage system)

Quantum Energy Systems is an approved installer & reseller for the Powerwall battery storage supplied by Tesla

Powerwall is the smart new way to manage energy in your home. The Tesla Powerwall 2 helps you to lower your energy bills and carbon footprint.

To get even more value from the solar panels you have installed, the Tesla Powerwall system enables you to make the best use of electricity from your solar panels PV system at all time

How does it work?

The Powerwall is a home battery system that charges using spare electricity generated from solar PV panels or when utility rates are low during the night. The system is automated, compact and simple to use, allowing maximise self-consumption from your solar PV panels.  

Solar electricity at night.

The Powerwall stores electricity generated by solar PV panels during daylight hours and making it available
for night time use.This bridges the gap between peak solar production and peak demand with in the building.

Emergency backup

In the event of a utility outage, the Powerwall can power your home or selected appliances from stored energy in the Powerwall. When use with solar pv panels the powerwall will allow production of electricity
to continue when install with a backup gateway.

Go Net Zero

Install a 4kw-10kw solar PV system and one or more Powerwall battery to power your home independently from the utility grid.
A net zero energy rating is where home produces as much energy as it consumes, while still being connected to the utility grid all the time.
But only used during high demands or there is low production of energy from the Solar PV system



What are the Installation Cost for the Powerwall 2

The AC coupled installation with 1 x Tesla Powerwall 2 13.8kw  storage start from £7500.00 INC. VAT @ 20%

Please email or phone for further cost variation in system sizes or VAT rates being charged on products installed.

Tesla monitoring app

       The Tesla monitoring app service for viewing battary power level.

      If you have the Tesla monitoring app, you can toggle between the Stored Electricity
      and PV production along with your energy consumption.