Underfloor-Heating-Icon_1Underfloor heating
This method of heating is becoming more and more popular, especially with the growth of renewable energy systems where underfloor heating provides many advantages over a traditional radiator system, for example:

Lower running costs
Ideally suited for use with heat pumps
Heat is distributed more evenly across the room
Creates more space because walls are kept clear of heating appliances
Low maintenance once installed
Room temperatures can be individually controlled
Silent running
Adds value to the property

Underfloor heating is suitable for use under most types of floor covering providing the manufacturer’s maximum temperature limits are observed.

Other factors to consider are whether the floor underneath the system is well insulated and that the floor finish above the system is suitable to allow the heat to pass efficiently through the tile.

Underfloor heating using heat pumps
Heat pumps are ideal for providing the heat source for underfloor heating systems because they are more efficient when demand is low. The typical temperature of warm water circulating around a piped heating circuit is around 35°C. Heat pumps working at their optimum efficiency operate at around the same temperature.

A domestic boiler operates at around 70°C, the water is then blended down to 35°C for circulation around the system.

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Our installation engineers will advise you about the benefits of each system and will advise you of the most suitable system for your requirements.

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Floor materials include:
Carpet – tog value should not exceed 2.5 for the underlay and carpet
Stone and Ceramic tiles
Timber flooring
Laminate flooring

The underfloor heating system must be designed to take account of the following:

Heat source being used to heat the system
- renewable technologies
- conventional.

Floor construction
- screed
- timber suspended
- overlay
- floating

Our experienced system designers will be able to advise you of the best system for your individual requirements.